Painting the exterior and picking the right exterior paint

As the interior painting, exterior painting is also important. Exterior painting, unlike interior painting, has chemicals that are designed to resist elements. One should consider the available material of the house before making the ultimate choice of the paint. Case in point if and when painting flat surfaces like wood, one may choose the most conventional outdoor paint that is available. If painting a surface that is textured e.g. brick, choose an elastomeric paint. Elastomeric paint can stretch more as compared to conventional color, enabling the paint to get crevices and gaps, painting over the texture smoothly.



brush colorsSince the paint is exterior paint, one should consider climate when choosing the color. Climate factors like wind, rain, sunlight and salty weather can all be hazardous to exterior paint. Oil-based paint is acceptable and durable against climatic conditions like; temperature changes, rain, and wind. However, sunlight tends to degrade the oil based paint.

For dry climate and sun-drenched areas, latex paint is more durable. The skirting around the house is one of the sectors that is subjected to a lot of moisture; such areas require mold resistant paint that fungicide is added. One should also consider the color that is flame resistant. The paint should resist fire as compared to a none resistant paint, as it will save the homeowner from accidental wildfires.


One cannot take for granted the cost of hiring a professional house painter. As much as a professional house painter can be expensive, it is a worthy investment as you are guaranteed of top-notch services that are durable and quality services.

How to choose the color of the exterior paint

The color scheme is essential as it creates the instant impression of the home. When the paint is applied, the house gets its own identity irrespective of the whether the colors are complimentary or unflattering. It is, therefore, key to consider the interior paint when choosing the exterior paint. The house painting is a long-term job thus one has to be very careful while choosing as it is to repaint the house exterior in case you do not love the current paint.

Consider the outside when choosing the color of the house exterior

paint roller Look at the color of the garden outside, how does it blend with the trees? How is the landscape what are the color and the design? These questions will lead you to the appropriate color of the exterior of the house. After you answer the questions, you can now without a shadow of doubt choose the exterior color of the house.